Car Keys

Car Keys

Car keys aren’t what they used to be. These days’ car keys are high tech, high security electronic immobilisation devices that prevent the bad guys stealing your car.

Galway Shoe Reapir has the technology covered. We’re the local leader in aftermarket car key duplication, and we’re able to make most of modern car keys while you wait, saving you time, and potentially hundreds of euros.

Our European made, high quality, waterproof, drop-proof and batteryless keys cost a fraction of the originals yet talk to the car just like the expensive ones from the dealer, plus we offer a one year Warranty on all car keys.

Don’t risk the inconvenience of losing your key and getting your car towed or costing you thousands, visit your local Galway Shoe Reapir outlet today and ask how we can help you.

car keys

We specialise in most of the cars.
1 Year Warranty on all car keys
Car Key Shells

Cracked or broken car keys can often have the shell replaced as a more reasonable option to a full key replacement.

Remote Controls

Keyless entry to your home, garage, gate or car has never been easier with replacements remotes available at Galway Shoe Repair Shop.

At the mere push of the button you no longer need to be stranded out in the rain. Galway Shoe Repair can offer the ease of entry with an extensive range of remote controls from all the popular manufacturers. Fixing remote controls problems is a thing of the past, even those big ole clunky remotes as big as your hand can be replaced with a small friendly remote that fits on your keyring.

Bring your remote for a quick assessment and we will get you clicking away in no time.

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