Key Cutting

Key Cutting

Your humble house key protects everything that’s close to you. Don’t risk mistakes, Galway Shoe Repair ‘s keys are made  to ensure you get into your house, office, shop or padlock first time every time.

We have a range of fun and coloured keys to help you identify which key is for which lock quickly and easily. Our Ultralite keys are made from a special alloy which is stronger than a normal key, yet only 1/5th of the weight.

Our coloured keys add a bit of fun and personalisation to your keyring – express yourself every day and every time you use your keys with our wide range of fun designs.

Galway Shoe Repair has a strong commitment to quality and service, providing you with precision cutting and a guarantee on all products and services.

Coloured Keys for Easy ID

  • Disney, Neon Glow, Warner Bros, Ultralight.
  • Precision quality key cutting

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